SOTA Peak Huon Hill, VK3/VE-237, 14th April 2015

On Tuesday 14th April the day started with showers but it was not cold. It was our first full day with our son and his family. They travelled from Sydney to Albury to spend four days with us. The reason for getting together was to celebrate the birthdays of our two Grandchildren. After shopping and finding our way around Wodonga for supplies we decided to visit Huon Hill.

Huon Hill Parklands JCD photo

Huon Hill Parklands
JCD photo

This hill is located very close to Wodonga and has been activated frequently. I thought I would activate the location: a spur of the moment decision! If the truth be told I couldn’t help myself! We drove to the parking area and walked the 200 metres (approximately) to the summit. I set up my station on one of the lookout platforms and quickly secured six contacts. I have uploaded my contacts to SOTA. In order, on 7.090, beginning at 04:43 I had contacts with VK3OF, Rex of Swan Hill, VK3EMU, Graham, VK3UH, Kent, VK3NBL, Melton, VK2IO, Gerard and finally, VK2HFS, Frank. I used my FT817, a 4.200 LiFePO4 battery and 40/20 linked dipole. I thought band conditions were good. All signals were received at 5 and 9, except for Gerard at 5 and 6 and my reports ranged from 5 and 9 to 5 and 4. I appreciate those who gave me a call, especially those dedicated chasers who monitor 7.090 Mhz.image It is difficult to spend much time on the radio during family time but my grandson was facscinated with what I was doing. I find the Pilates ‘child pose’ works well for SOTA. I can usually sustain such a pose for half an hour or more, but I do practice regularly and am a Pilates devotee!