Another twilight activation at Scott Creek Conservation Park, 27th February 2015

The Park

I made my way to Scott Creek Conservation Park to my favourite activation spot at Gate 8. It was a warm afternoon with the peak temperature being 32 degrees but by the time I arrived at the Park, just before 1700 hours local it was in the high twenties, cloudy, humid and threatening to rain. A few spots occurred while I was operating and when packing up. This is my fourth activation at this Park but when the weather cools I will become more adventurous and travel further to some of the many other Parks in the Adelaide Hills. Oh, so many parks and so little time!


7.100 ssb

06:30 VK5GJ,  Greg, 59s, 59r

06:32 VK5ZAR, Arno, 59, 46

06:34 VK3DAC, Fred, 58, 55

06:35 VK3TKK/M, Peter, 58, 43

06:37 VK3PMG, Mick, 59 59

06:39 VK5KPR, Peter, 58, 57

06:42 VK5HCF/P5, Col, 59, 59, Gower Conservation Park

06:43 VK5EE/P5, Tom, 59, 59, Gower Conservation Park

06:44 VK5FAJS/P5, Alan, 59, 59, Gower Conservation Park

06:45 VK5PAS/P5, Paul, 59, 59, Paul, Onkaparinga National Park

06:48 VK3OHM, Marc, 59, 59, Marc

06:49 VK5TN/M5, Robin, 59, 59

06:51 VK3YDN, John, 58, 58

06:53 VK3BHR, Phil, 59, 59

06:56 VK3PF, Peter, 59, 47

06:57 VK5WG, Nev, 59, 58

06:58 VK5KLV/P5, Les, 59, 58, Les, Winninowie Conservation Park

07:01 VK5ZRY/P5, Richard, 58, 59, Ramsay Gate Conservation Park

07:05 VK4FR/P5, Chris, 59, 59, Morialta Conservation Park

07:07  VK5UV, Rod, 57, 57

07:11  VK5FANA, Adrian, 59, 59, Clinton Conservation Park

07:15  VK5NQP, David, 59, 55

07:17 VK5FMJC, John, 59, 57

07:20 VK3FQSO, Amanda, 59, 57


07:30 EA6ALW, Javia, 59, 57, Spain


07:39 EA3AKP, John, Catalonia, Spain


07:53 GW3UZS, Geoff, Cardiff, Wales, 58, 45

08:02 GW4XSX, Mike, West Coast Wales, 59, 54


08:09 VK5PAS/P5, Paul, 59, 59, Onkaparinga National Park 

I enjoyed a total of 29 contacts. On 7.100 I used the Yaesu 897 set for 10 watts with a linked dipole and my 4800 MAH LiFePO4 battery. On 20 metres I set the power to 20 watts for the contacts to Spain and 40 watts for the contacts to the UK. It was a great time and thanks to all who gave me a call. I always appreciate the chasers. I used my home made linked dipole. It performed well after a recent service. See my blog dated 1st February to read about the antenna failure on the last activation. Soldered joints, even though not load bearing seem to create the weak spots. All the links, made from 30 amp Anderson Power Poles, are crimped. I am unable to avoid soldered joints at the dipole centre. These are well covered by clear silicon which seems to help.  Portable antennas get quite a work out and I am surely impressed with the wire I purchased from Mark at Tet-Emtron.

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