Little Desert National Park, VKFF-291, 21st December 2014

On my way from Adelaide to Bendigo I couldn’t resist the temptation to re-visit the Little Desert National Park in the Wimmera Region of Victoria. I last visited this Park in September 2013 and logged 30 contacts over the visit from two activations in two different parts of the Park.

Here is the link to my first activation of this Park.

I went back to Horseshoe Bend. I was on the air at 21:30 hours (20/12/2014) well before UTC rollover. After 31 contacts on 40 metres I moved to 20 metres (14.315) but could not get a contact. I had a listen around the band and there were a few strong signals and a WIA broadcast signal from NSW. I now have 61 contacts from this Park qualifying it for the WWFF award system. This is my first Park with over 44 contacts. Thank you to all the amateurs who made this possible.

All contacts for this Park can be seen at my log page at HRD.log and have been up-loaded to LOTW as well.

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