Shack Sloth 17th July 2014

Shack Sloth

Shack Sloth

After missing VK1RX/P2, Al on VK2/ ST – 042 this morning and, then not hearing VK3ANL/P2, Nick in Sydney at VKFF-473 on 20 metres, I finished up having a quick contact first with VK6MB, Mike and second with VK5PAS, Paul, on 20 metres on 14.285 MHz. This was the frequency where we should have heard Nick. But propagation did not favour our direction! Paul said he was going to have an early lunch at about 11:30 central time and would tuck into a bowl of ravioli. Not to be outdone, my wife Jenny and I decided we would visit our local and have lunch. I now don’t have to cook our dinner tonight! Anyway we collected our mail at the Stirling Post Office and my Shack Sloth certificate had arrived from the UK. I was pretty happy with that. Now for the next 1000 points!

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