Father’s day at Horsnell Gully and Cleland Conservation Parks

Spring arrived today magnificently! Twenty seven degrees C was predicted and the Bureau got it right! I decided I would activate a couple of parks in the Adelaide Hills. My choices were Horsnell Gully CP and Giles CP, adjoining parks and situated in the foothills  near Adelaide, so near to Adelaide in fact, that fingers of suburban development knock at the front door. I arrived and set up at Horsnell Gully a little before my projected time and enjoyed contacts with VK3MRG/p, Marshall at 03:49, 5 and 1 both ways and VK3UBY, Colin at Mildura at 03:53, 5 and 9 both ways. Then there was a break despite me calling CQ. I suspect too many of the regular chasers were involving themselves with their families: perhaps a more appropriate thing to do, especially for those with families nearby. At 04:22 I had a contact with VK5KC, David; VK3FLAG/p at Altona Park, barely satisfactory as Richard’s antenna was too low. Then followed, VK3YY/QRP, Glen; VK5PAS, QRP, Paul at home; VK3FLAG/p, Richard, better this time; VK3EJ, Gordon at Cobram and finally, one of the regular chasers, VK5FMID, Brian from Mt Gambier. Thanks to all who helped me lock this park away for 2013. It is greatly appreciated. It was time to move and I decided that more of the same, sitting in the sun  and getting burnt was not good: I gave Giles a miss and decided to move to a higher place: Cleland CP and under the tall gums and not far from Mt Lofty.

My set up at Horsnell Gully CP

My set up at Horsnell Gully CP

Aboriginal Heritage

Aboriginal Heritage

I was at Cleland for an hour and at 05:56 had a contact with VK5LY, Larry; VK5PAS, QRP, Paul at home; VK5ZLT, Alan at Keith; VK3NML, Ray at Melton, VK2NMO, Chris at Gunnedah; VK2FKYM, Jeff and VK3AFW/m, Ron at 06:56. Thanks to all for the contacts and Ron, VK3AFW/m, was very happy to get another park.

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